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iTracktion Asset Tracking

Have you ever wondered where all your assets and equipment are?

iTracktion Seamless Asset Tracking is the answer 

As your business grows, your team expands. With the expansion of the team, the overall assets of your company also increase. In the process of growth, companies must have the resources to access all their asset details. It is also extremely important for the business to maintain their every asset because it also affects their employee efficiency.

Asset tracking and inventory management is an extremely time-consuming and tedious task. There is a higher chance of missing out on many things if the task is performed manually. For the benefit of employee efficiency and better work productivity, businesses have started using Asset Management Software which automates the process of asset tracking.

Benefits of using iTracktion

 Save time – iTracktion saves all your asset information, which means you can find any information regarding your assets in seconds. It gives all the maintenance details of your fixed assets, so you can plan your production/manufacturing on that particular day. You will not face any sudden breakdowns as you already know the upcoming dates of the maintenance.

 Be more accurate – Automation is highly suggested because it will reduce the number of errors. In asset tracking, information like purchase date, cost, no. of items, location, responsible person, and other such small details can be noted down incorrectly at times. But by automating this task, you can finish it in few minutes with greater efficiency. For most of the times, we use spreadsheets for such processes, which are easy to use, but difficult to maintain and keep up-to-date. A software, on the other hand, will directly generate accurate and precise reports in seconds.

 Increase accountability – iTracktion automates the process of asset shifting from one place to another, or checkout to colleagues. It helps you in changing details. It can track the movement of your assets and gives you the real status of the asset. It even helps with asset audits. The same process would have been very tedious and less trustworthy if it was handled manually.

 Save money – Of course! By saving a lot of time in these processes, you’re obviously saving a lot of money. You may require a lot of staff to perform these activities manually. But, with the automation through software, you are effectively cutting down your cost and saving a lot of money by eliminating manual errors.

Features of iTracktion

 Cloud basedNo operational costs, no IT maintenance. You are just to click away to own a fully functional asset tracking solution without investment.

 Advanced securityColleagues can see, and acknowledge only the assets checked out to them. Asset management is in the hands of a predefined team of asset managers.

 Easy-to-useWorks with a wide range of browsers, the user interface is self explanatory. It even provides concurrent multi language support. System is available on mobile platforms as well.

 Advanced functionalityDoes everything you need in asset life cycle management. Functions include checkout, check-in, put on hold, bulk update, depreciation, retirement, label printing and much more…

 Export/import – Easy sorting, filtering and searching. Result set can be exported to different formats (xls, csv, doc, pdf). Data upload is supported with easy to use import function.

 AlertsSystem can generate on-demand alerts on check-in due date, or expiration of warranty period.

 E-mail notificationsColleagues are notified via e-mail in case an asset is checked out to them to acknowledge responsibility.

 Custom fieldsLots of fields are available out-of-the-box. However, if you’ve got any special need, there are the user definable custom fields.

 Life cycle management – Tag, manage and track assets from procurement to retirement.

 Tailor made – iTracktion is completely scaleable and customizable for your company’s needs. Don’t pay for fancy features you do not need and will never use. Check out our price plans to pick what you need.


3 Users
1 Admin
200 Items


Bulk Update
Access Control
Mobile Ready
No Time Limit
No Support


50 Users
2 Admin
1 000 Items

0,99 €/year/item
(over 500)


First month for free
Label printing
E-mail support


200 Users
5 Admin
5 000 Items

0,68 €/year/item
(over 1000)


E-mail notification
Asset history
Ticketing system

Quarterly plan
available for
no extra charge


500 Users
10 Admin
10 000 Items

0,36 €/year/item
(over 5000)



Audit support

Monthly plan
available for
no extra charge


Unlimited Users
Unlimited Admin
Unlimited Items

Contact for



Own domain
AD support
Priority Care

Flexible payment
terms &

You can test the “Free” version as long as you wish, or you can use any of the versions for one month for free.

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